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Welcome to Stradeso! Below are 8 principles for our relationship that will let you know what to expect from your experience. If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out to concierge@stradeso.com.

Stradeso Pledge

Thank you for choosing Stradeso! We believe in turning problems into projects...so to help avoid any future problems, here is what you can expect from Stradeso.

  1. Stradeso is in beta. That means two things: First, because our tech is new, sometimes our technology or our processes will mess up. But, because we’re watching carefully, the good news is that you’re going to get extraordinary customer service and personalized attention during this phase. If you’re willing to be patient with us, we promise we’ll do everything we can to make you completely satisfied with your experience.
  2. Your content will be fast, cheap, and quality -- in that order. Stradeso can’t possibly compete with the quality of an agency that charges $2,800 for your brochure. But, since you’re paying 90% less, we hope that’s OK. With Stradeso, you’ll get your content fast and cheap, and we have multiple quality control processes in place to make sure it’s high quality. If you don’t like something, that’s what your 2 free editing rounds are for -- and for just $20 per additional round, we’ll try it as many times as it takes to make it right.
  3. Check your projects for accuracy. We’re not designed for you to come back and ask to correct a comma after you’ve approved your project, so please check that you’re satisfied with the final project before approving. We cannot be responsible for errors in projects you’ve already approved, and we appreciate your understanding.
  4. We’re going to give you feedback to make you a better creative director. If you fill out a creative brief and we need more detail, we’re going to reach out to you. We hope you’ll be open to our feedback, since your concierge’s sole responsibility is to make your project successful for you.
  5. You own the rights to your content. Once you pay for it, you own it. If you upload images or copy to us, we expect that you own the rights to them. If we use images, they will be license-free. When you’ve approved, we’ll send you your final files. We do keep a copy of your files so that, when you return, your next project will match what we’ve already done for your brand, but rest assured these files are secured by Google’s cloud security protection.
  6. We protect your data. We comply with GDPR, we won’t sell your data (ever), and we don’t do anything with data beyond normal analysis of how Stradeso’s platform is doing.
  7. We’re going to advertise to you because we want you to use Stradeso. You may receive content and newsletters via email which you can decide to opt out of anytime by clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of those emails. We may send you offers so you can get Stradeso projects at a discount. If you don’t like our advertising, just reply and let us know.
  8. Cancel anytime. You can cancel your subscription anytime, but we can’t give you a prorated refund. We might change our subscription fee in the future, and if we do you’ll get plenty of notice beforehand so you can decide whether to stay or leave us (which will make us sad).
Thank you again for letting Stradeso build your brand on demand. You can read the legal version of these guidelines here anytime.